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The Following List work that we have done .
  1. Interlock Works in Dubai Industrial City Project
  2. External Painting Work in Dubai Creek Harbour
  3. Ceiling Maintenance Work in Dubai
  4.  Villa Refurbishment Work in Dubai
  5.  Tiling Refurbishment Work in Dubai
  6.  Tiling Work in Duba
  7. AC Modification Work in Sharjah
  8. Office Renovation Work in Dubai 
  9. Villa Refurbishment Work in Al Ain 
  10. College Refurbishment Work in Al Ain
  11. Toilet Refurbishment Work in Abu Dhabi
  12.  Tiling Work in Sharjah
  13.  Kitchen Tiling Work in Dubai
  14.  Painting Work in Dubai
  15. Warehouse Floor Painting Work in Al Ain
  16. Epoxy Painting Work in Abu Dhabi 
  17. Raised Floor Work in Dubai
  18.  Floor Screed Work in Dubai
  19. WaterproofingWork in Abu Dhabi
  20. Floor Waterproofing Work in Dubai 
  21.  Floor Waterproofing Work in Dubai    
  22. Water Leak Maintenance Work in Abu Dhabi
  23. External Paving Work in Al Ain
  24. Floor Drainage Repair Work in Abu Dhabi
  25. Electrical Modification Work in Abu Dhabi
  26. External Drainage Modification Work in Al Ain
  27. External Drainage Modification Work in Dubai
  28. External Drainage Modification Work in Dubai
  29.  External Drainage modification Work in Dubai
  30.  Plumbing Modification Work in Abu Dhabi 
  31. Warehouse Electrification and Lighting Work in Al Ain